BitMedic® AntiVirus Security App Reviews

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Very good

Simple to use , effective and comprehensive . Thank you.

Good application

Do the job. Easy to use However virus are quite rare on MAC. 3 threads in 10 years.

Great product for a good price.

The anitvirus seems to be very easy to use and apparently a good protection for the computer. I believe the price suits its effectiveness.

Powerfull, Real Fast, and so Easy to Use

Love it, and it removed the mallware that was on my Mac real fast. And it’s so easy to use for people with poor computer skills. It’s so fast, so try it out. Its difinitely worth the money.

Great app!

Does what it is supposed to do and doesn’t slow down my computer!


Struggled with bad scanners inap store, this looks fine.


we had a virus alert pop -up on our mac Bit medic seems like a easy fix

Tested for manh months now

I tested this along side of Norton Antivirus, and it runs smooth! Awesome! Does what it says and has caught a few ad files even! Nice job! 5/5

Fast and thorough. Solid!

Program runs great, no issues including updates.


Simple to use and does a great job protecting your computer.

How Do you Like Our App so Far?

I like this app, but the annoying pop up (upon every launch) with the question “How Do You Like Our App” is aggressive and annoying. I paid good money for this app…. the least you could do is stop annoying me with solicitations to rate your app on the App Store. So you finally got my review….

I like it!

Seems to do the job….do a deep scan, particularly first time round.

Works like a charm!!!

I would recommend every one get rid of their Mac Keeper and switch to BitMedic AntiVirus!!!

Works Great !!

I found this app easy to install, and easy to use. I did a deep scan immediatly after installing and it found two serious threats.Nice job! I am very happy so far and have a greater pease of mind knowing that this is guarding my system. Thanks Bitmedic !!

Crashes most of the time!!!

Updates fail most of the time and the software mostly crashes too, software needs to be improved...

Finds it, can’t get rid of it!

no virus, however adware +ve. bit medic locates file however unable to quarantine file… therefore no positive results for me.. waste of $$ if it cannot do the job

Not pleased with latest release 2.1

Just updated to 2.1 and application aborts everytime it is launched. I had to revert to 2.0. Waiting for support to give me an update but they are usually slow in responding. An update: Got back to me the same morning and told me to deinstall and reinstall. Looks OK now. However I feel that i should not have to go through this process after installing an update. Will change my rating from 1 to 3

Version 2.1 Crashes instantly at launch.

The old version worked, Notifications told me there was an update to install. I installed V2.1 and a crash report instantly appears on the desktop. Restarted my mac and launched the V2.1 again and got the crash report again. I sent several of these reports to the developer.


Latest update now crashes every launch.

After latest update crashes

After the latest update, the app crashes as soon as it starts .. unknown exception, reason: task already launched or something message. Reached out to support but nothing yet. I guess this was not tested very well before releasing. This crash would have been caught through testing.

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